Wooden wicks, while beautiful and oh so soothing, are a little more temperamental than cotton wicks. And like the divas they are, they have to be pampered somewhat. Before lighting your wick, make sure it's trimmed to 1/4". Sometimes wooden wicks are hard to light, and you might have to relight them a few times before they stay lit. Don't worry, this is normal for wooden wicks (diva, right?). When you relight your candle, make sure to trim your wick and knock off all the burnt wood prior to relighting. Otherwise, those little stinkers won't stay lit! Sometimes, if it still won't stay lit, you might have to melt a little of the wax around the wick and pour it off. Don't worry if you have trouble, it's probably nothing you've done wrong, you just haven't stroked the diva's ego quite enough!